Origami Gun

How to make an origami gun.

Origami gun 001

1.Get two A4 pieces of paper.

Origami gun 002

2.Fold the top corner down so the corner touches the other side.

Origami gun 003

3.Cut the rectangle off the bottom.

Origami gun 004


Origami gun 005

 5.Fold in half.

Origami gun 006

6.Fold in half 2 more times.

Origami gun 008

7.Fold in half long ways.

Origami gun 009

8.repeat steps 1 to 7.

Origami gun 010

9.Unfold 1.

Origami gun 011

10.Place the smaller one on top of the long one and fold the long one in half.

Origami gun 012

11.Tilt the one facing up and down towards the folded part on the horizontal one.

Origami gun 013

12.Fold the flaps sticking up down so the top is in line with the other piece of paper.

Origami gun 014

13.With the crease you just made fold the flaps in through the middle.

Origami gun 016Origami gun 017

You have just  finished making an origami gun.

5 Responses to “Origami Gun”
  1. Mr Weatherill says:

    Fantastic again Lachie. Well done.

  2. jojocool says:

    cool lachie promblem i suck at origami even with steps oh well you should put the big box thing on you blog you no the one that turns

  3. 5297th says:

    This one is my fav.

  4. lachie says:

    yeah sorry joe it is hard to make it easy to follow

  5. joe says:

    thanks for the help lachies its confuzing ps i like my gun it looks like a tazzer

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