Jump rope for heart jump off

On Thursday we had the jump off first Mrs Hunts class and Mrs Goldsmiths class they did their peformance which took 15 minutes then our class skipped we only had a minute me and Zac jumpped with one rope at the same time. Then we went to stations and did differant types of skipping at each station. We went with Mrs Barrats class and I really enjoyed the day.


In sceince for the last couple of weeks we have been learning about the body we have cut open parts of a sheep like the brain and the heart. Mr Weatherill has taught us all the bones in our arms and legs he has also taught us the parts of the brain like the hippocampus,the brain stem, the cerebellum, the cerebrum, pons and a few more. We learnt about arteries and veins and what they do the arteries carry oxygen to the body and the veins carry carbon dioxide to the lungs so it can breath it out.

Glenelg football clinic

Today we had some people that came from Glenelg to do a football clinic at our school. They took an 3 quarters o an hour for two classes they did two classes at a time. We had it after recess first they split us into two groups my group did handballing and kicking. Then what he did was he asked one of us to demonstrate how to handball. Then we did some handballing with a partner for 5 to 10 minutes and after that he asked one of us to demonstrate how to do a drop punt then we did some kicking with a partner for another 5 to 10 minutes. After he asked one us to demonstrate a chest mark after we did some chest marks for 5 minutes and then he told us how to take an overhead mark then we did some overhead marking for 5 minutes. Then the groups swaped over and he asked one of us to demonstrate how and where to tackle somebody then we tackled the bag. At the end we got a poster with all of the Glenelg football players on it.

100 Words or less

      I know I have won I have spent 3 hours counting every single jelly bean. I make my way to the stage and they call out Ben with a guess of 853 and all up there was 852. I sigh inside, I had counted 850 I had spent 3 hours counting to lose to someone who probably only took 10 seconds. I had also made a fool of myself by walking to the stage only to walk back to my seat to getting laughed at. I didn’t talk for the rest of the day.

Power Puffs

In computing we have been making advertisments that go for 30 to 50 seconds.We had to go through several stages the first was making a storyboard second was filming then there was editing.Finally there was making audio hope you like mine.

Power Puffs

Albury Park

It has taken a couple of weeks but here are finally some photographs of camp. The students must have taken thousands between them, it was like a media frenzy much of the time. Students, you might like to add a photo slide show like this to you own blogs. Remember you may only include photographs of students who are in our class. Please also remember not to name the students in the photographs.


Today after lunch we had an awesome double lesson of gymnastics .We practised a balance called a frog balance it is quite hard, we tried jumping and spining 360 degres properly.